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Pile of Garbage

Recycling contamination


is the leading causing factor that causes the displacement of recyclable materials to landfills.

1 of every 4

materials recycled is sent to landfills due to improper recycling.

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What is Conserve?

A mobile app that educates, tracks and reward users for recycling correctly.

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Conserve ensures the recyclability of all materials.

Conserve interactively educates users on how to recycle......

decreasing contamination rates & increasing recycling rates

....while allowing for more items to be diverted from land fills and repurposed into new materials.

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Laila Amerman
Marketing Manager of Recycling Education at Waste Management

The idea behind Conserve is fantastic because it helps folks feel confident that they are recycling the right way. I’m hopeful this is the tool that can help us bring the level of trash in the recycling from 20% down to 10%. So far, it seems promising for helping communities, especially schools, on their recycling journey.

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Brent Wouters
CEO of Iron Valley Supply

The Conserve app helps communities build strong environmental knowledge and lasting recycling behavior.  The app engages users in a community challenge to recycle more products and learn about the full lifecycle of products that they use.  The app educates, inspires and challenges users to think about the impact of their product choices on the environment and broader community.  The Conserve app delivers life-long environmental knowledge and awareness that will help save the planet. 

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Jeff Cohu
Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Lipscomb University

Nicole and her team at Conserve Innovations have created a unique business model that combines technology, key industry partners, and behavioral incentives for users to tackle our greatest environmental challenge, solid waste disposal. This is a great idea!

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Jennifer Wilson
Manager of Sustainability Initiatives at Georgia State University

Georgia State University is using conserve to help educate our students on how to properly recycle. We rely on a clean recycling stream for us to be able to recycle properly. By having clear education guidelines from Conserve, we’re able to provide a cleaner recycling stream that can be turned into new products.

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Jen Singh
Co-founder of the Understory

The Conserve app is an engaging and informative tool to encourage consumer recycling. This innovative platform has strong potential to improve recycling outcomes and reduce the waste crisis.

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William Cukr
CFO at Panorama Mortgage Group

I have the pleasure of meeting the principals of Conserve Energy. I believe the idea of Conserve is well timed as consumers, universities and corporations alike are all looking to be more socially responsible in conservation and sustainability. Their business and efforts of education will make impacts to conservation across the US.

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